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Question: In the PJM State of the Market Report for 2016 Q3, the estimated Black Start Revenue Requirements for DLCO (Duquesne Zone) are as follows: 2016/2017=$100,000, 2017/2018 = $100,000, 2018/2019 = $3,900,000. Why is there a large increase in planning year 2018/2019 for Black Start revenue requirements for the DLCO zone?

Answer: Black Start units submit annual Black Start revenue requirements to PJM and the IMM for review and approval.  The revenue requirement includes capital, variable, training, and fuel storage costs related to Black Start Service. Zonal rates are based on the capability share of the Black Start Unit’s annual revenue requirements designated to serve that zone.

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Question: What is the current Schedule 1A rate for Duquesne Zone?

Answer: Please refer to the PJM Operating Agreement Transmission Tariff Manual 27 Schedule 1A for additional information on the charges.  The OATT Revisions for Mid-Atlantic Interstate Transmission, LLC Integration has the specific values.  Please see the web address:


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Question: Can you provide the specific PJM Billing Statement Line Items ID#s that the DS Supplier is responsible as part of Rider 9’s Hourly Price Service formula rate?

Answer: The DS Supplier is responsible for all the charges identified in the SMA.  Rider 9 is an explanation of how the customer will be billed. Subsequently, this is how the supplier will be reimbursed and paid.  The primary charges/credits that the DS supplier is not responsible for include NITS, Transmission Enhancement,  Generation Deactivation, Expansion Cost Recovery, and Deferred Tax Adjustment.

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Question: PJM market monitor report forecasts black start charges to increase significantly in 2018 and 2019 for Duquesne zone. Please do you have an insight on when these charges will begin to show on suppliers bill?

Answer: The changes to black start will occur on the PJM planning year which is June through May. Suppliers should plan on any cost changes to black start to occur within that timeframe.

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Question: On February 27, 2022, PJM announced BRA prices for the 2024/2025 Planning Year. Will the Capacity Proxy Price still be used by Duquesne for the 2024/2025 Delivery year?

Answer: No, that Capacity Proxy Price will not be used. BRA results announced by PJM on February 27, 2023, for the 2024/2025 PJM Planning Year are not preliminary results. The announcement of BRA prices means that the Company will not consider using a Capacity Proxy Price for any POLR auction products with exposure to the 2024/2025 PJM Planning Year.

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